The Ski-Doo 3-step layering system

The secret to a warm, dry ride is the layers. From the base to the mid to the out, each layer has an important function to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Base Layer

Make sure this layer is snug to the body and directly in contact with the skin. This layer’s primary role is to wick away moisture, so if it’s bunched up or too loose it can’t do its job. This layer typically comes in two weights:
-Merino for aerobic activity, moisture wicking and some thermal properties
-Thermal for light wicking and the most optimal warmth

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Mid Layer

The mid layer is all about heat and versatility. Depending on the day and the conditions you’ll want to be able to add or remove this layer to adapt to the ride. Plus, vents and zip-up collars give more options to keep you warm or cool as needed. Neither baggy nor too tight, this layer should be somewhat looser to maintain easy of motion.

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Outer Layer

The first line of defense against wind and moisture. This layer functions to repel wind and water from the outside, but should still be breathable, allowing moisture collected by your interior base layer to escape. Depending on your choice of jacket, this layer also adds extra insulation and warmth.

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Our Layering BASED Recommendation

Below you will find links to pages with our suggested layering strategies based on the type of weather or terrain you are facing.

Sub Zero Layering

Those extra-cold, bitter days feel a lot less harsh with the right insulation in every layer.  Check out our recommendations on how to layer for Sub Zero temperatures.

Sub Zero Layering

Mountain Weather Layering

When the layers of snow keep getting deeper, know your three layers are working extra hard to keep you warm, dry and pushing for the peak.

Mountain Weather Layering

Variable Weather Layering

Cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon. Proper layering doesn’t get any more crucial than it does when you are on a long ride and your body temperature changes through out the day.

Variable Weather Layering