SUB Zero Weather Base Layers

The Ski-Doo Thermal Base Layer provides excellent thermal protection while being able to whick away moisture keeping you dry. We recommend you start with a Thermal base layer when the weather is going to be very cold and you want to stay warm.

Sub Zero Weather Mid Layers

Using a fleece for your mid layer will keep you warm and comfortable.It’s our preferred mid layer when you need to stat warm while riding your Ski-Doo

Sub Zero Weather Jacket

If you want to stay warm in frigid temperatures the Ski-Doo Absolute 0 jacket is what you need. It’s a touring jacket is tailormade for extreme temperatures and conditions. Adjust the level of warmth and protection needed depending on weather conditions with its removable hood, collar and inner lining

Sub Zero Weather Highpants

Combining warmth, comfort and classic style, Ski-Doo’s Trail pants are the only pants you’ll need. Featuring adjustable suspenders, an elastic waist at the back, reinforcements at the seat and inner leg, and critical seams sealed.

Sub Zero Weather Boots and Socks

We reccomend using Ski-Doo Tec+ to keep your feet dry and warm with a pair of Ski-Doo Thermal socks that can keep you warm and whik away sweat.

Sub Zero Gloves

We recommend using Absolute 0 Gloves or Mitts depending on the style you like.They provide the protection from the elements you will need during extreme weather.

Sub Zero Weather Extras

Last but not least, if your neck and face get cold during long rides a balaclavas are what you need. Along with your favorite snow hat to keep your ears warm while you take a break.