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Ski-Doo Mud & Dust Wash


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Off-Road Mud and Dust Wash is specially formulated for off-
road vehicles that operate in the worst conditions. It breaks
the bond holding that grime and dirt to your vehicle’s finish.
The formula is biodegradable with no phosphate or corrosive
chemicals and is low foam for easy, quick rinsing. Also
effective on oil, grease and other stubborn grime. Safe for use
on all surfaces.


Spray the product directly on the surface, leave on for 3 or 4
minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. If tough stain
persists, spray the product again and scrub with a clean
microfiber cloth, wet cleaning mitt or soft brush and rinse


Never use on hot or warm surfaces. Always test for
compatibility on hidden area before applying to the entire
surface. Do not allow product to dry on any surface.


  • If the vehicle is excessively dirty, rinse with plenty of water to remove the
  • For best results, rinse product with hot water to maximize product

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